Matt Ladewski is the owner of The Region Barbell Club in Munster, Indiana and has been involved in the sport of powerlifting for 17 years. As he continues to pursue bigger numbers of his own on the platform, his attention has recently shifted to coaching his many athletes, including a 2015 WPF Champion and an AWPC champion. An elitefts columnist and the social media manager of elitefts, Matt shares his training knowledge and experience as he writes about both his own training and the coaching of his athletes. Matt's best competition lifts include an 835-pound squat, a 550-pound bench press, and a 800-pound deadlift.

In 2013 Matt opened The Region Barbell Club to help those looking for more. Matt started as a personal trainer and has evolved into a strength analyst. Understanding that there is much more than sets and reps to help a client move better, feel better and look better.


Is the Region Barbell club for me?

The Region Barbell Club is for everyone. Every workout is set up so you will be successful and skill appropriate. You will find a variety of different people with different goals at the RBC. Weather you are looking to drop ten pounds before your wedding or compete in your first powerlifting meet you belong at the RBC.


Is it a powerlifting gym?

The Region Barbell club is much more than a “powerlifting gym”. The gym is equipped to accommodate every strength level. We use a large variety of tools to help you achieve your goals. We thrive by making you successful. You represent the RBC and as our members we give you the tools you need to move, feel and look better.



Is it easy?

Your body will adapt to the demands placed upon it.  The workouts will challenge you physically and mentally building you inside and out.  With the proper environment and coaching you can safely push outside your comfort zone achieving things you never thought possible.



Region Barbell is owned and operated by Matt Ladewski who is an educated strength athlete and seasoned powerlifting competitor backing his knowledge when it comes to human performance. He supply's the surrounding area with the best equipment on the market through EliteFTS. If you are looking for and increase in strength or just general fitness development this is the place to be.

-Christian A.

I love lifting here! Great atmosphere and great people. With Matt's help I've gone down and weight class and have increased my total by 30lbs in just 3 months. And my numbers are still improving. Boooom.

-Katie P.

A great place to lift. Matt Ladewski has all the tools and is a wonderful motivational person. If you want to get fit you have to check RBC out. It's a real gym and you'll enjoy it.

-George M.

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